Selecting Industrial Panel PC and HMI Display Interfaces

There are a number of key parameters that must be considered when implementing a LCD into an industrial panel PC or HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) design. They include size, resolution, brightness, touch control and display interfaces. The display interface that is used to connect to the panel PC embedded board is a critical factor in selecting a suitable display.

LCD Display Interfaces

LCD Display Interfaces

For the past two decades, parallel RGB and serial LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling) have been the two major display interfaces in the industrial LCD applications. Most of the smaller displays, like those 3.5” 4.3” and 5” LCD touch panels or HMIs, use RGB parallel display interface. Larger displays, like 7”, 10”, 12”, 15”, 21” or larger for many of the industrial touch panel PCs, are connected with LVDS interface.

With the emerging of IoT (Internet of Things) systems with displays and interactive display systems, new generation display interfaces like eDP (Embedded DisplayPort) and MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) DSI (Display Serial Interface) are starting to make their way into the industrial panel PCs and HMIs. These interfaces have been specifically designed to be simplistic and cost-effective in industrial LCD applications and provide higher data bandwidth, scalability for large and small displays.

Solutions for Long Life Cycle Support

Another consideration of display interface selection is LCD display product life cycle. Many eDP or MIPI DSI interfaces displays in the market today are tied to the consumer markets like notebooks/tablets/smart phones and thus don’t support the long life cycle generally required by traditional industrial panel PCs and HMI applications. Solutions like eDP to LVDS, MIPI DSI to LVDS or RGB bridges are implemented to panel PC embedded boards to address the long life span product requirement.

The following are display interfaces supported by some of our panel PC embedded boards:

Embedded Board ModelProcessor PlatformDefault Display InterfaceLCD Interface SupportPanel PC/HMI Example
EMB-2230NXP i.MX6LVDSLVDS, LVDS to RGBPPC-4210 (LVDS), 5” touch panel kit (RGB)
EMB-1200NXP i.MX6LVDS, RGBLVDS, RGBPPC-4107, 3.5” touch panel kit (RGB)
EMB-2237NXP i.MX8MMMIPI DSIMIPI DSI, MIPI to LVDS, MIPI to RGBPPC-4907(LVDS),  5” touch panel kit (RGB)
EMB-2610Intel Atom Z8350eDP, MIPIeDP, MIPI, eDP to LVDSPPC-6610 (MIPI), PPC-6612 (eDP)
EMB-7610Intel Celeron N3450eDP, MIPIeDP, MIPI, eDP to LVDSPPC-6710 (MIPI), PPC-6712 (eDP)

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