AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence services and Machine Learning technologies are quickly becoming commonplace today and are shaping our experiences in computing like no other time in history.  At Estone, we deliver a choice of flexible and scalable computing platforms and offer AI integration services including Deep learning, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Processing, Object detection and recognition, and Data Analytics.

AI digitizing audio sounds for voice control

AI Voice Control, on-line or off-line

Driven by global user demand, voice control is quickly becoming the standard user interface.  At Estone, we design AI processing solutions that enable Always-On Voice (AOV) using the integration of NLP (Natural Language Processing) services and Voice Recognition technologies. Our NLP platform can serve a wide range of needs, empowering the computer to manipulate the human language, obtain meaning, and execute command easier by using voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. Our solutions work on-line or off-line. We offer the integration service of Alexa AVS and Google Assistant.

AI digitizing an image into binary for processing

AI Imaging Processing

Embedded with powerful AI capabilities, we train computers to successfully examine the real and virtual world through images and photos. At Estone, we provide AI Image Processing platform combining advanced algorithmic technology with machine learning and computer vision to process large volumes of images easily and quickly, we help to implement face recognition functionalities, detect and recognize objects/fever, actions in images and video, and so on. We can also customize APIs of image processing software as you like in your App, tool, or product.