Readers and Scanners

barcode reader integrated into a rugged tablet pc

Barcode Reader

Barcode Readers, also known as Barcode Scanners, are an efficient way of reading information into software encoded on a barcode through the integrated barcode reader of a device, an external barcode reader like a barcode scanning gun, or a camera with image processing software.

There are 2 types of barcodes that can be read, 1D and 2D barcodes. Each has it’s own advantage. Utilizing a barcode scanner can increase productivity in the work environment by accepting a large amount of information with a single scan, or it can speed up a business process, like reading a membership card.

RFID reader integrated into a rugged tablet pc

RFID Reader

RFID is a wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to read information while the software handles what to do with that information. There are many types of RFID tags that can be used in a wide range of uses. Those tags include HF, UHF, NFC, Passive and Active RFID Devices.

In order to read the right type of tag, you must have the right type of RFID Reader, also known as RFID Scanner, and software. RFID readers can be integrated into devices, such as a rugged tablet, or they can be used as an external device that communicates with Bluetooth. Like Barcodes, this is another productivity tool that can be utilized for productivity or business use.

Fingerprint reader integrated into rugged tablet pc

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint Readers can also be commonly referred to as Fingerprint scanners. These devices can use a series of different technologies in order to record and compare the unique design of a persons fingerprint.

A Fingerprint reader can be leveraged for a number of different uses, such as identification or authorization. Fingerprint scanners can be integrated into devices or stand-alone units that communicate to a device’s software through a communication port such as USB.

Rugged tablet pc with integrated smart card reader

Smart Card Reader

A Smart Card Reader is also commonly referred to as a Common Access Card (CAC) Reader. There are many practical uses for Smart Cards which include payments and identification. A CAC is widely used in the US Military while credit cards have begun to accept the technology in their cards.

These readers can be integrated into hardware, like a rugged tablet, or have external use and connected to devices through Bluetooth or USB.

magnetic stripe reader integrated into a rugged tablet pc

Magnetic Stripe Reader

A Magnetic Stripe (or Mag Stripe) Reader can be referred to as a MSR for short. Magnetic stripes are one of the first technologies to store digital pieces of data in a card, like a credit card or drivers license. A MSR allows your device to send the information to software for processing allow you to see what is encoded on the card.

The readers can be integrated into hardware, such as a rugged tablet, or can be used externally and connected to a device via a bluetooth or USB connection.