Hot-Swappable Battery for Uninterrupted Battery Life

The battery life of medical grade tablets or rugged tablets can vary significantly depending on factors such as the tablet’s specifications, usage patterns, and the tasks it’s being used for. In some industries, the life of a battery can mean the world of difference in terms of delivery effective and prompt services.

Hot-swappable batteries for tablets can be particularly beneficial in industries where continuous and uninterrupted tablet usage is crucial.

What’s a Hot-Swappable Battery?

A hot-swappable battery refers to a type of battery that can be replaced or exchanged with another battery while the device it powers is still operational or “hot.” In other words, you can remove or insert a hot-swappable battery without needing to power off the device it’s connected to. This feature is particularly useful for devices that require continuous power or where shutting down the device might be inconvenient or disruptive. You can imagine how vital this feature is especially for healthcare environments.

Hot-swappable batteries are commonly used in various industrial applications, such as:

Logistics and Warehousing: Tablets are used in logistics and warehousing for inventory management, order processing, and tracking shipments. Hot-swappable batteries can prevent delays in operations and keep workers productive by allowing them to quickly swap out depleted batteries.

Field Service and Utilities: Technicians in industries like telecommunications, utilities, and maintenance use tablets to access and update service records, perform diagnostics, and communicate with central systems. Hot-swappable batteries can keep technicians connected and productive in the field without interruptions.

Manufacturing: Tablets are used on the factory floor for tasks such as quality control, equipment monitoring, and production tracking. Hot-swappable batteries can help maintain efficiency and prevent downtime by allowing tablets to stay operational during battery replacements.

Continuous Patient Care: Medical professionals can provide uninterrupted care to patients without the need to pause or delay treatments, consultations, or procedures. The ability to swap out a depleted battery for a fully charged one on the go ensures that critical patient monitoring and treatments are not interrupted.
Construction: Tablets are used on construction sites for blueprints, project management, and communication. Hot-swappable batteries can keep tablets operational throughout the workday, enhancing communication and efficiency.

Home Healthcare: For healthcare professionals who provide in-home care to patients, hot-swappable batteries enable seamless device use during visits without requiring access to power outlets. This promotes efficient care delivery and improves the patient experience.

Long Shifts: Healthcare professionals frequently work long shifts, and hot-swappable batteries extend the usability of devices without the need for frequent recharging, reducing downtime and improving productivity.

Got Computer on Wheels at Your Healthcare Facility? A Hot-Swappable Battery Tablet Can Help.

As we mentioned above, healthcare centers like hospitals can benefit significantly from medical grade, rugged tablets with hot-swappable batteries. A 2016 study on Computer on Wheels in hospitals (COWs) showed that implementing a solution with a exchangeable battery (in this case-study they used a laptop) resulted in superior end-user experience for and lower cost per unit since many commercially-available mobile workstations cost over $3,000 per unit, not including the computer. Imagine the footprint and cost savings a medical grade tablet with hot-swappable battery can achieve!

Which Rugged Tablets Offer How-Swappable Battery Options?

Not all batteries are hot-swappable. At E-Stone, we offer a variety of rugged tablets that have how-swappable battery options:

MD-150: 15.6” Rugged Medical Grade Windows Tablet PC boast the 11th Generation Intel Tiger Lake i5 or i7 processor, LPDDR4X ram, and 4th Generation PCIe SSD, performance is no question. It features an auto-sensing touch display with the latest connectivity options and hot-swappable batteries.

Hot-Swappable Battery on the MD-150

MDA-100 Rugged Tablet PC: This rugged tablet with a Dual-Core Cortex-A 72 processer, pairing with Quad-Core Cortex-A53 has high compute density and infrastructure compatibility, the fast processing of Cortex-A72 is particularly suited to mobile applications and is equipped with a hot-swappable battery.

MD-100MK Rugged Tablet: This go-anywhere tablet features our best combination of Field-and-Office design specs and options, including an incredibly fast Kaby Lake Intel processor, drop in docking, long-life and swappable batterie for unlimited runtime.

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