NXP family of processors

NXP i.MX8 Family Application Processor—Why It Works Well in Panel PCs Versus AMD and Intel

One of the most common pieces of equipment that has been part of revolutionizing technology in industrial applications has to be the Panel PC. These robust, all-in-one computing devices have become the cornerstone of modern industrial operations, offering seamless control and monitoring capabilities across a spectrum of sectors, from manufacturing and automation to logistics and process control. There are numerous components that make up the modern Panel PC, but the processor stands out as one… 

Industrial Panel PC 4910

Panel PC Built for Machine Learning and Edge AI: PPC 4910

Estone technology is proud to announce the new addition to our POE ready industrial panel PC product line – PPC-4910. This touch panel PC is based on NXP’s i.MX8M Plus Quad Core ARM processor with a guaranteed 10+ years of lifespan and integrated AI/ML Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that focuses on edge AI, vision processing and other multimedia applications. Building upon our latest embedded board EMB-2239, this panel PC supports both LVDS and MIPI LCD… 

Industrial Panel PC for Edge AI

Introducing the Industrial Panel PC Built for Edge AI: PPC-4910

Edge AI (the use of AI algorithms on devices located at the edge of a network) and machine learning (ML) work together to bring the power of artificial intelligence to local devices, enabling them to perform intelligent tasks without relying on constant internet connectivity or external cloud servers. Edge AI involves deploying ML models directly on edge devices, like IoT devices, and industrial machines, allowing these devices to process data and make decisions locally. Applications…