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MD-100 medical rugged tablet

Hot-Swappable Battery for Uninterrupted Battery Life

The battery life of medical grade tablets or rugged tablets can vary significantly depending on factors such as the tablet’s specifications, usage patterns, and the tasks it’s being used for. In some industries, the life of a battery can mean the world of difference in terms of delivery effective and prompt services. Hot-swappable batteries for tablets can be particularly beneficial in industries where continuous and uninterrupted tablet usage is crucial. What’s a Hot-Swappable Battery? A… 

ISO 31485 Certified Medical Grade Tablets

Estone Medical Tablets and the Fight against Covid-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by a storm, and medical professionals are always worried about using or touching infected equipment and medical accessories during the treatment. Disinfecting of the tablet is recommended periodically in accordance with the institutional policies of surface and device safety and cleanliness. CDC recommends using alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol to thoroughly wipe and disinfect the surface. Military-grade medical tablets used in most medical… 

MJ-80 Medical Grade Android Tablet

5 Ways Portable Tablets Are Used in the Medical Field

Ever since portable tablets entered the marketplace, medical professionals have been seeking ways to use them to improve patient care. Initial concerns about HIPAA compliance and protecting patient privacy have been largely alleviated by network security improvements and specific healthcare apps. Today’s medical tablets are used to access pharmaceutical information, collect patient data, and share day-to-day information between providers and patients from any location. Medical-grade tablets differ from consumer tablets in several key ways: Medical…