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Rugged Industrial 8" Tablet Black - charging Data dock
Rugged Tablet Accessories Complete the Picture

A rugged tablet is a great tool for many situations, from labs to lumber yards. But frequently, the tablet alone, as packed as it may be with features, doesn’t quite tackle the job.  Because rugged tablets like Estone Tech’s MD-100 or MJ-80 feature so many connectivity options, it’s easy to complete the picture with specialized […]

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Rugged Industrial Tablets vs Commercial Tablets

In a world where technology is everywhere and expected to fulfill many duties, it often ends up crossing over several disciplines. Tablet computers are even more subject to this, since they can be easily picked up and carried from task to task – a single tablet can find use in the office, on the sales […]

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Golf-Cart Tablet Computer
Rugged Tablets for the Tourism Industry

As the weather begins to turn, many businesses that slow or idle during the winter months come back to full-swing. Not only limited to landscaping and similar businesses, but also construction and equipment maintenance companies, and even some types of manufacturing companies operate more frequently in nicer weather. One industry that may be less considered […]

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