Let’s Connect at AHR 2024!

Hot off the heels of CES in Las Vegas, Estone Technology is now headed to another tech event—AHR Expo. This year, the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition is taking place in Chicago from January 22 through January 24, with over 370 speakers, 1,600 exhibitors and 50,000 plus visitors expected. HMI, automation and smart building leaders like Siemens, Honeywell and ABB will be present. Throughout its history, the AHR Expo has played a crucial role in bringing together professionals, manufacturers, and experts in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and contribute to the advancement of the field. The expo continues to be a key event to showcase cutting edge technologies like AI, IoT, for building automation, smart control and building management. 

Hot Topics at AHR

We are excited to see product presentations as well as hear industry leaders speak about their views for the future. AI, Controls and the Future of Technology in HVAC, will be held on January 23 where panelists will discuss the current and future roles of controls technology and artificial intelligence as they relate to HVAC and buildings management. Other hot topics covered at the show include decarbonization, plumbing and hydronics, heat pumps and refrigerants.

How Do Estone’s Panel PCs Integrate with Building Automation?

Building automation uses technology to automate and centrally control a range of building functions, including HVAC, lighting control, security and access control, energy management and more. Panel PCs, specialized computers with a touchscreen interface integrated into the display, play a crucial role in building automation: 

Custom Panel PC

HVAC: Building HVAC control systems can be enhanced with the integration of panel PCs, providing centralized control, real-time monitoring, remote accessibility, customization, and integration features, ultimately contributing to improved efficiency, comfort, and maintenance of the overall system.

Lighting Control: Integrating panel PCs as an HMI in lighting control of building automation systems streamlines scheduling, manual controls, energy usage tracking, diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks. The use of HMI allows for the monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, presenting the data in a user-friendly format to assist in the implementation of energy-saving strategies.

Security and Access Control: The integration of panel PCs with security systems in building automation enables users to remotely view real-time surveillance video, incorporate biometric technology, manage visitor data, log access control details, handle alarms, and utilize edge-to-cloud computing.

This year, Estone Technology’s Panel PC and Industrial Computer Division Manager Bin Lin and Mobile Solutions Manager Mike Naugle, specializing in rugged tablets and handhelds, will be in attendance and would love to connect with you regarding your company’s project requirements. As a leader in embedded computing design and manufacturing, Estone can customize panel PCs for any building automation application.

 To schedule a meeting with them, just contact us or send us an email.