CES 2024: Let’s Connect and Discuss Your Custom Project

CES is a trade show we always love to attend as we get to discover new technologies that can reshape the world we live and work in. This year, CES expects 130,000 attendees, over 4,000 exhibitors and promises to cover 41 technology categories ranging from artificial intelligence to smart cities. Las Vegas is the epicenter of CES 2024, with 12 official venues with a span of more than 2 million net square feet of exhibit space!

This year, AI and robotics are the stories of the show, especially in the realm of healthcare. Emma Healthcare Co., Ltd. developed a multi modal AI based digital healthcare system that monitors the health status of babies and the elderly in real time through vision AI and voice recognition tech that determines intent. Another CES Innovation Awards Honoree that will be present at the show will be South Korean robotics company, HUROTICS Inc., recognized for their unique, H-Flex wearable robot. Described as an “ultra-lightweight” and “ultra-small robot” H-Flex is designed to offer personalized assistance based on a user’s requirements during their home rehabilitation. 

Edge AI is also expected to be a focus. With edge AI PCs, the heavy lifting for AI computation is done on the edge device, not in a remote cloud data center.  Semiconductor companies such as Intel, AMD at CES 2024 are promoting their latest AI processors for data centers and edge devices, like NPU (Neural-processing unit). 

This year, Estone Technology’ Business Development Manager Randall Sucamele and Panel PC and Industrial Computer Division Manager Bin Lin will be in attendance and would love to connect with you regarding your company’s technology requirements. As a leader in embedded computing design and manufacturing, Estone can customize panel PCs, HMIs and rugged tablets for Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Transportation & Logistics, Defense, Hospitality, and Agricultural Industries. You can learn more about the company’s specialized products here.

To schedule a meeting with them, just contact us or send us an email.

In the meantime, explore what’s to come at this amazing show!

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