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Rockchip 3399 Logo
RK-3328 Development Board

As time marches on, builder and developer boards must adopt new technology and improve to provide builders a capable platform. The latest model in the popular “Raspberry Pi” line, the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, for example, features a 64-Bit Cortex A-53 Processing unit that supports a wide array of in-demand developer functions. Longtime followers of […]

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3D Molded Touchscreens
Formed, Shaped Touchscreens Appearing in Vehicle Control Market

As we’ve covered previously, touchscreens offer many advantages over traditional, analog input and interface tools. They consume less space, can offer different tools and functions based on current needs, and can be easily updated and changed whenever needed. However, they do have a couple of drawbacks, especially for cases where visual attention needs to be […]

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Oleophobic Anti-Fingerprint Film
October 2018 Whitepaper – Touchscreen Coatings

Touchscreen devices are everywhere and because of that, different screens face different demands. Fortunately, with the right films and coatings, your touchscreen can be prepared for anything. Learn more about anti-glare, anti-reflection, depolarization, and oleophobic screen coatings with this month’s Estone Technology whitepaper. PDF Link – October 2018 Whitepaper Enjoy this whitepaper? Follow the link […]

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