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Infotainment Panel PC Slide
Large Format Infotainment Panel PCs

Powerful, Large-Format Touchscreen Panel PCs make Infotainment a Reality Infotainment, as a term, has been around since the early 1980s, usually used to describe entertaining news or an informational presentation that was also enjoyable. Today, the definition of Infotainment has evolved. In some uses, it describes a website or social media app designed both for […]

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Tablet with Medical Cart Mounting
Do more with our largest Tablet PC – the new MT-140

You know Estone Technology as a provider of the best in rugged tablets, rugged panel PCs, embedded boards, and industrial computers. But some applications benefit from a tablet designed not just for mobility, but to do more. For applications that require more computer real estate, Estone Technology’s new MT tablet line has just the right […]

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