Waterproof Tablets and Panel PCs

Waterproof Tablet PC

Sometimes, a situation may call for a device that can meet particular standards. These standards include waterproofing. In rugged settings, a device that is designed to prevent damage to internal components from harsh conditions would require the device to be waterproof. Even in healthcare settings, devices need to be waterproof to ensure that they won’t fail or cause even more of a safety concern in a high pressure situation such as surgery or military operations. 

One way to ensure a device is actually waterproof is to look for an IP rating. The IP Code classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by a device against water, dust, accidental contact, and intrusion.

Every IP rating begins with “IP” and is followed by two numbers. The first number is protection against solids, on a scale from one to six. The second number denotes protection against liquids, on a scale from one to eight. The higher the number, the better protected the device is.

IP-65 Rating for Tablet and Panel PC

Many waterproof computers and panel PC’s have an IP65 rating. According to those numbers, this means that these devices are completely dust tight (denoted by the six) and they’re protected against jet water. The five means that these devices have protection from low-pressure water projected from a nozzle with a 6.3mm diameter opening in any direction.

Many devices with an IP-65 rating feature a fanless cooling system, which allows for these waterproof panel PCs to not have any openings that could potentially allow dirt or water to damage the internal components.

IP-67 Rating for Tablet and Panel PC

Another popular IP rating is IP67. This rating shows that these devices are extremely rugged and durable. The first number is a six, which means these tablets and PCs are completely dust tight. The second number is a seven, which means it has the protection that IP65 has, but these devices can also be immersed under water in a depth up to one meter for up to thirty minutes. 

IP-67 tablets usually have no opening ports on the device so it can withstand water submersion and protect the internal components against dust or water damage. Estone’s fully rugged Android tablet, UA-80, has this rating, meaning it can withstand the toughest conditions and undergo the most amount of stress while internal and external components remain safe. It’s the perfect choice for military applications or any situation requiring a touch tablet that can exceed expectations. 

Waterproof Tablets and PCs Medical Application

In medical settings, these highly rated rugged medical tablets and PCs are healthier and safer than devices that do not have a high IP rating. In order for a company to sell medical tablets and PCs, the devices have to meet UL-60601 guidelines, which ensures that devices are safe to use around patients. They also feature antimicrobial enclosures, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. 

When medical tablets and PCs feature all of this, it’s best to also have them be water resistant. The medical waterproof tablets and PCs can be cleaned regularly without fear of damaging the components inside the device. Estone’s waterproof Windows tablet MD-100 and waterproof Android tablet MJ-80 are water resistant tablets that are ideal for healthcare settings, as they can be cleaned and disinfected without any damage occurring.

Medical settings require the best of the best to ensure patients remain safe. Each day provides a new set of problems and dated or poor technology cannot add to it. Ensuring that healthcare providers use waterproof medical tablets and ones that feature a high IP rating helps to maintain proficiency and manageability. Devices can be easily cleaned and disinfected through this and patients remain safer and happier.  

Waterproof Tablets and PCs Industrial Applications

In many applications, having a highly IP-rated tablet is useful. When a situation is especially rigorous, like military settings, devices have to be able to keep up with the intensity of the surroundings. A shockproof tablet or one that can protect the device from drops from tall heights is a great choice for military applications. 

In the food industry where liquids and solids are present everywhere, tablets have to be able to protect against damage from these factors. Tablets and PCs with a high IP rating ensure that they are able to go anywhere and can survive a mission or a day to day job. They also help to ensure that food plants can meet the FDA’s tough guidelines. 

Tablets should feature a touchscreen that will not be damaged by spilled liquids and food particles. Having different types of mounting capabilities, such as VESA mounts, can help increase efficiency and with a high IP rating, no damage will come to these tablets when they’re in various settings. A waterproof panel PC is the ultimate tool for food industries, where workers can access technology and software without fear of damage.

Outdoor settings can benefit from having waterproof devices. Touch screen tablets used on camping trips can remain safe from water damage from rain or nearby water sources. Many of Estone’s rugged and waterproof tablets feature a touchscreen that can be viewed in all types of light, which is useful when on a hike in broad daylight. With many features all combined into one powerful waterproof tool, having a high IP rating only further assures that you won’t be stranded in the wilderness with a damaged tool.

Other Rugged Features for Tablet and Panel PC

Top rugged tablets not only feature water resistance but also a multitude of other features. Some devices are shockproof or shock resistant, which is useful in industries like military or transportation because they can be dropped from a high height with limited or no damage. 

Another common feature is a MIL-STD-810G standard. MIL-STD-810G is a United States Military Standard that covers a broad range of environmental factors like temperature shock, rain, humidity, gunfire vibration, and more. Durable tablets that have this standard are extremely well suited for military fields and another field requiring heavy duty lasting technology. Anti-glare and anti-reflection are also commonly featured in ruggedized tablets as they can be viewed in a variety of lighting situations without having any hindrance to the viewing of the screen. 

As a leading ODEM with a collective twenty plus years of IPC experience, Estone Technology creates devices that meet and exceed the needs of the client. Our MD-100 and UR-100 Rugged Windows Tablets are IP65 and IP67 rated and have drop protection (MIL-STD-810G). The MDA-100UA-80, and MJ-80 Rugged Android Tablets also feature IP65 and IP67 ratings with drop protection (MIL-STD-810G). 

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