CAN bus

can bus panel pc

CAN bus Applications in Medical Devices, Panel PCs

CAN bus (Controller Area Network) is a communication protocol used in computing and automotive systems to allow computers and devices to communicate with each other in a reliable and efficient manner. It is a multi-master, two-wire serial bus that enables real-time data exchange among components like sensors, actuators, and control units. CAN bus is known for its robustness, low-cost implementation, and resistance to electromagnetic interference, making it ideal for applications where reliability and speed are… 

RV Control System

Intelligent RV Control System – Putting You In Command

RVs and camping vehicles today are a far cry from ages past. They are chock full of powered, connected features. From slide-out bays and awnings to lighting units, heat, AC, pumps and utilities, everything is connected and controllable. This technology has advanced recently with the introduction of efficient power converters that integrate smart equipment circuit breaking switches directly into the power system. In the past, power inverters supplied the necessary 12VDC to charge batteries and…