What Factors Go Into a Military Mobile Device

The Marine Corps has announced that their new Marine Common Handheld, or MCH, the next step in their ‘Nett Warrior’ program to equip soldiers with battlefield ready technology, will be ready by 2019. The device integrates necessary military software & tools with rugged tablet devices to give US service members in the field the ability to communicate location and situation, receive critical battlefield intel, and become a more efficient fighting force.

As announced in an article in “Defense Systems” last month, the goal of the program is to put “small, smart, cheap, abundant technology” in the hands of soldiers in the field to help them succeed. But just what type of technology does a marine or US soldier currently carry that can be simplified or eliminated with a properly robust, durable tablet PC?

During operation Enduring Freedom, a soldier on a standard 72 Hour deployment carried more than 16 lbs of batteries in addition to their other equipment which weighed as much as 100lbs all tolled. While a good portion of those batteries were carried for lights, night vision, field radios and other equipment that can’t be easily eliminated, at least some of it was for GPS and Nav units, field communicators, cellular equipment, e-readers, and specialist equipment. All of these items and their corresponding batteries can be eliminated with one rugged, field ready tablet that weighs about 3 Lbs – and many new tools, such as real-time battlefield mapping, are available.

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