What is Industry 4.0 – and How do Tablets fit in?

A term many industrial concerns are hearing more and more these days is “Industry 4.0“. Sounds vaguely ominous, doesn’t it? ‘What was Industry 3.0? How many new things do I have to learn?’ Fortunately, not nearly so much as you think – and Estone Tech is available to help with the rest.

Industry 4.0 is simply the next step in industrial evolution. The original Industrial Revolution brought powered machines like steam pumps, conveyors, and stamps into the factory. That stage in industry is known as “Industry 1.0”. Stage 2 proceeded with electricity and the introduction of the assembly line, and more recently, Industry 3.0 brought computers and robots into the process, to perform tasks too dangerous, exacting, or quick for humans to do on their own. Today, all factories are already a part of Industry 3.0 – with bigger changes on the horizon.

Industry 4.0 brings the Internet of Things, predictive modelling, and mobile computing together to create a physical-digital world that exactly represents your factory. Smart machinery today can monitor its own performance, comparing that information against established performance profiles to predict when systems operate at their peak, find optimization ideas, limit or eliminate downtime, and more. All of that data can be fed to the proper people on their mobile computing devices, like a rugged MR-100 Tablet from Estone Tech – to help them meet goals, protect employees, and improve all company processes.

Estone Tech is a trusted Intel Internet of Things partner. With our rugged tablets, Smart Panel Industrial HMI solutions, and other embedded PC solutions, we can help you bring your workplace into the Industry 4.0 now and maximize your potential.