The Positives & Negatives of Multipoint Touchscreen Tablets reports on the trends influencing the growth of multi-point touchscreens over the next several years. Estone Tech industrial tablets, healthcare tablets, and smartpanel PCs include the very latest in multi-point touchscreen technology. Capacitive touchscreens work wet or dry, with or without gloves, supporting up to 10 points of contact. But cost of materials and a lower volume of apps that support multi-point touch may continue to slow the industry for a few years yet.

Within the next few years, the market for apps is expected to catch up, while new technologies for electrically conductive, capacitive touchscreens, like graphene layered glass, will bring down costs and make supply concerns irrelevant. Estone Tech will continue to be a leader in rugged tablet PCs that provide the ease and adaptability of multi-point touchscreens for any industry.