Tablet Computers for Healthcare: Packaging Technology Makes the Difference

Of course Healthcare Technology companies know that when it comes to Tablet PCs and Panel PCs for medical purposes, Estone Tech is a leader. But there are thousands of various medical technology devices out there – why choose a Medical Tablet or Medical Panel computer for your healthcare technology project? Like with any business, a big part of finding success with new processes is getting people to actually use the new processes. Packaging technology properly is key. How can a healthcare tablet device help ensure that the target market uses new technology?

Bringing mHealth Apps into Patient Care via Healthcare Tablets

According to Research2Guidance author Ralf-Gordon Jahns, in 2017, there were more than 259,000 mHealth Apps available on the major app stores, a number that has only grown since. And research performed at several hospitals in the US and China confirms that Mobile Health Applications can greatly enhance patient experiences and outcomes. A big part of this benefit is connecting patients to their own information digitally – so that they can schedule appointments, refill prescriptions, and review test results anywhere. Of course, in order to make this a reality, this information needs to be digital in the first place.

32% of all mHealth spending globally is by traditional healthcare stakeholders, like hospitals, suggesting that hospitals and healthcare providers are trying very hard to integrate more and more connectivity and digital access into their patient’s healthcare. But that will only work if Doctors, Nurses, and Specialists want to use the mHealth apps. Medical Tablet computers are the solution. Properly configured, medical grade tablets put every tool and device a practitioner needs into one, convenient, easy to use tool.

Healthcare Tablets Package Medical Technology

The benefit of a quality medical grade tablet is in easing the burden for practitioners and caregivers. With one, easy to carry device, doctors and nurses have a data entry portal, a device for viewing medical scans and radiology, an inventory management device and barcode scanner, a patient ID system with RFID, and a hookup for a wide variety of medical testing tools. Drop that same medical grade tablet into a docking station, and suddenly you have a full-fledged nursing station or medical computer cart. The technology has been packaged together in one medical tablet, making it easy to use and more likely to be used.

Take a look at Estone Technology Healthcare Tablet solutions to learn how packaging technology together can improve adoption at any facility.