Skill Based Gambling Machines Compete with iGaming

In 2016, Commercial Gaming revenues nationwide – basically any revenues made from gambling taking place in or through a non-tribal casino – grew 0.9% from the previous year, nationwide. That’s a relatively modest gain from an industry that tends to post between 2 and 3 percent growth per year. For the past few years, the growth of commercial gaming has been stunted by the eruption of iGaming – internet based gambling in poker tournaments, internet slots, and other game opportunities. iGaming, while still small, grew 32.1%, primarily on the strength of skill based games in which people feel that, because they are competing against each other, rather than the house, they have a better opportunity to win.

iGaming is a bastion of the skill based game. Beginning with internet based poker tournaments and fantasy sports leagues more than a decade ago, games that required a level of user interactivity to win found a perfect home on the internet. And commercial casinos are starting to wonder how they can get in on a piece of that action. Enter “Skill Based” Gaming Machines.

These machines attempt to combine the best of the video arcade and the casino into one large, multi-purpose touchscreen gaming center. New entrants to the skill-based gaming machine market take the form of large, tabletop touchscreen computers – equipped like a poker or blackjack table – and bring together elements of traditional slot machines, card games, and video games to offer casino visitors a new experience, and a new reason to come back. Players compete with each other to perform the best at a simple skill game, and based on their performance, they’ll have more opportunities to win money from the casino at the game’s resolution. The opportunity to compete with others makes players feel as though they need not beat “the house”, just other competitors, and encourages a party-like atmosphere.

As these machines prove their worth, more and more casinos will look to add these options to their gaming lineup.  Estone Tech is an OEM leader in touchscreen computer technology. Contact Us today to discuss our gaming technology options.