Single Board Computers to Grow on Strength of Medical Panel PCs

According to several recent studies, among the mostly stagnant commercial PC market, SBC’s (Single Board Computers), a class of commercial computers that integrates internal components, displays, I/O features, and audio features into one flat panel piece of equipment, are expected to grow at approximately 12.5% per year through 2024, topping more than $1.2 Billion in sales. The growth is expected primarily on the strength of Medical Panel PCs, computers which are gaining popularity in hospitals and doctors’ offices worldwide as a simple way to integrate Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Imaging & Diagnostic Equipment, and Surgical Tool info into one, small package.

Medical Panel PCs, like other Single Board Computers, are easily mounted on walls or on pivoting mounts, or even embedded into carts or mobile devices. Similar to tablet PCs in their overall design, SBCs have the advantage of being intended for mounted use, so they can feature higher power components, cooling fans, and a variety of features that might make them too heavy for mobile use. In hospitals, SBCs often find use in treatment rooms, operating theaters, and imaging stations, bringing the benefits of automation, paperless operation, and extremely fast diagnosis to everyone.

Medical Panel PCs often range in size from about 18″ to 24″ or more, as larger sizes allow the flat panels to be used for any task, and even subdivided to display information from multiple sources at once. Smaller models often find use as “Infotainment” screens in patient rooms, allowing patients to watch TV, contact staff, and even order meals all from one bed-mounted device.