Rugged Tablet Accessories Complete the Picture

A rugged tablet is a great tool for many situations, from labs to lumber yards. But frequently, the tablet alone, as packed as it may be with features, doesn’t quite tackle the job.  Because rugged tablets like Estone Tech’s MD-100 or MJ-80 feature so many connectivity options, it’s easy to complete the picture with specialized accessories. What are some of the most popular rugged tablet accessories?

MD-100 Rugged Tablet Docking Station
MD-100 Rugged Tablet Docking Station

Desktop Docking Stations for Rugged Tablets

Desktop docking stations are extremely common and popular for rugged tablets, keeping them charged, readily available, and often turning them into full-fledged desktop computers when the tablet is docked. Some docking stations like those Estone Tech offers feature POGO Pin docking connections that support Power, USB, and Serial connections. With these connections, dropping the tablet into the dock automatically charges, connects it to a network, and connects it to any stationary peripherals, like keyboards, pointing devices, or printers.

USB & Serial Docking Station
Tablet Docking Stations often support various I/O

Wall Docking Stations for Rugged Tablets

Wall docking stations are very similar to a desktop dock, and serve most of the same functions. However, these docking stations usually hold a tablet flat against a wall, rather than angled on a desktop or other surface. They can be a great choice for when tablets will also be used as monitors or wall display touchpanels.

Some fleet and field businesses also use wall docking stations to keep tablets charged, ready, and accessible in the home office or prep area. Employees preparing to leave for a route or to a job site can quickly and easily grab a tablet from its cradle on the wall while they gather their other tools and equipment.

Wall docking stations for rugged tablets like those offered by Estone Tech usually feature POGO Pin docking connections that support Power, USB, and Serial connections.

Multi-Battery Charging Stations for Tablets

For companies that are a 24-hour operation, or close to it, tablet charging or docking stations may not be reasonable. There might not be time to leave a tablet sit for a couple of hours to charge every day, which would limit a tablet’s usability. That’s why many Estone Tech tablets are designed with removable, swappable batteries – some of them are even hot-swappable so you never need to stop working. And with a multi-battery charging station, you can keep an entire team working, 24-hours a day. Just drop a tablet battery into an empty slot, and take a fresh, fully charged battery out to keep going.

Digitizer Pen
An active stylus adds pointing & writing features to a rugged tablet.

Keyboards and Stylus Pens for Rugged Tablets

Whereas docking stations and charging stations extend the operating life and usefulness of a tablet, devices like foldable tablet keyboards and stylus pens can add additional levels of functionality. Powerful rugged tablets like Estone Tech’s MD-100 become full-fledged PCs as useful as any touchscreen laptop by adding a keyboard – and far more portable. Such devices often pair wirelessly or via the POGO Pin docking port, and can be moved between different tablets as needs require.