Rugged Healthcare Tablets A Growing Part of Digital Health Trend

Digital technology is driving a revolution in healthcare, and the progress shows no signs of stopping. Medical News Today reports on several trends in medical technology that are aiding in patient diagnosis, treatment, and making hospitals more efficient and effective places. Estone Tech is at the forefront of this movement, providing durable and rugged tablet computers for healthcare environments that speed service and provide a variety of tools & healthcare apps for nurses, doctors, and healthcare administrators.

While a large part of the digital health revolution has focused on consumer and patient products, such as health apps and health monitoring wearables like the FitBit, the use of portable computers in doctors offices and hospitals has grown exponentially in the past few years. A study in Healthcare IT News found that 79.8% of healthcare professionals, clinicians, and healthcare IT staff use tablets in their everyday jobs. The study found that the technology provided improved clinician communication and easier access to clinical and non-clinical data.

MedCity News reports that, while tablets are increasingly being used in a clinical setting, they’re more frequently ued to access EMRs – electronic medical records – as offices continue to go paperless and keep robust patient histories in the palm of a provider’s hand. The article reports that one of the big barriers to faster implementation has been security of patient records and information. Estone Tech leads the way in information security with robust Android or Windows tablet offerings that keep patient data only in the hands of those who should have it.

Industry leaders look forward to advancing growth of digital technology in healthcare in the years to come, and Estone Tech is prepared to meet those needs. You can check out our Healthcare Tablet PC Solutions to learn more.