Rockchip-Based Boards Offer Efficiency for Embedded Linux

When it comes to processing units for embedded boards, there are typically two options – Intel x86 architecture chips, and ARM (SoC) chips. In embedded technology, ARM SoC chips have widely become the preferred technology due to their cost and power efficiencies in limited spaces. However, when it comes to x86 type chips, the major trustworthy brands are known – Intel, AMD, and a couple other makers. Less well known are some of the ARM manufacturers, who often work as an OEM or white box basis with other manufacturers. Estone Technology has partnered with manufacturer Rockchip, a top name in the ARM chip market.

Estone Tech has been a customer of and partner with Rockchip for quite a long time, and we feature the Rockchip RK 32xx and 33xx models in a variety of our boards. These CPUs feature the advanced ARM Cortex A-17, A-53, and A-72 ARM processing cores, supporting a wide variety of extremely advanced functions. In fact, the RK3399 unit features 6 64-bit processing cores, supporting 4K Video Capture and Playback, advanced audio processing and speech recognition, and other features essential for modern embedded device design.

Among the most popular operating systems for these embedded devices is Embedded Linux. Whether some form of QT, Yocto, Ubuntu, or a fully custom design, these efficient, slim OSes make these devices hum quickly and operate with security. Even better, these distributions are full supported and work perfectly with Rockchip processors. The cross-product support is excellent, with a number of resources, wikis, and articles from both Rockchip and Linux enthusiasts describing how to easily integrate processor and operating system in one design. Various Wikis explain how to flash specific Linux distributions to the chipset, and configure them to work with the SoC and board hardware.

The latest embedded Linux distributions support the most modern features found on Rockchip processors, like advanced Voice Recognition, an essential tool for modern cloud and edge based HMI functions. Unlike some other ARM based chips, Rockchip RK32xx and RK33xx chips are dedicated to Open Source, making their integration with Linux operating siystems as simple as possible.

For more information on how Rockchip based boards can benefit your projects, contact Estone Technology.