Opportunities in Intelligent Interactive Terminals


Shifting into a more productive, mobile future, companies like Microsoft, Intel and Google are trying to figure out ways to optimize their programs and make their products more compact. Advantages for enterprise & regular consumer are endless once these systems start to roll out into the market. Whether it be tablets, tablet computers, ultra-books, small form factor computers, digital signage, and point of sales, the technological advances move towards more intelligent interactive terminals.



Technology in Intelligent Interactive Terminals  are becoming more affordable and easier to program while still maintaining a high performance processors. Some of the biggest contenders for Intelligent Interactive Terminals are Intel’s Ivy Bridge Processors and ARM’s Cortex-A8/A9 processors.

The biggest difference in these processors are the operating systems and the abilities of each. Designed to run Android and Linux, the ARM processors are  fast, low-power, high-performance & usually fit on small form factor boards that easily can fit into or onto most digital signage screens. The Intel Ivy Bridge Processors are best suited for running Windows Operating Systems which are some of the fastest processors out now for full functioning or embedded computing.

When choosing an Android board or system, the interesting part is the amount of customization the processor has. Applications and tweaks from Google’s own developers and the developers community itself, support and programs can be found in numerous sources. Everyday consumers are utilizing this technologies in their smartphones and tablets while the industrial market applies the processor across vertical markets such as touchscreen applications for kiosks, self-service terminals, and digital signage.

For applications geared more towards singular tasks, like HD video digital signage and home theater computers (HTPC), Intel’s Ivy Bridge based systems can be the better option.


Depending on your application or household needs, Habey USA provides both ARM and Intel processors in our fanless systems for Intelligent Interactive Terminal purposes. For your Windows applications, we offer a number of fanless pc systems both compact and high performance. Some of which are our most popular, BIS-6922 and PRO-6820. The BIS-6922 is a multi-purpose Ivy Bridge Dual NIC Fanless System perfect for an array of applications. The PRO-6820 is a different Ivy Bridge Fanless System perfect for any rugged applications indoors  or outdoors.

Our ARM boards are becoming more popular with the new trend that is showing up with Nano-ITX & Pico-ITX boards. Some of our ARM boards are the EMB-2500, EMB-3500, and EMB-4500. The main differences between these boards are their form factor. The EMB-2500 is our Pico-ITX board, the EMB-3500 is our Nano-ITX board and the EMB-4500 is our EPIC from factor board. All of our ARM based boards run on the Freescale Cortex-A9 processor and support Full HD playback. The most recent example of our ARM boards is a 32″ Touchscreen phone used as an Intelligent Interactive Terminal.