Why Do I Need To Go Fanless?

Habey USA

It seems like everyday there is a newer, smaller, faster computer or device that is released making the device or computer you own seem dated. Here at Habey USA we are trying to make you feel a little bit better and supply your home or business with new, small, fast computers. Not only will the system be better, they will also be fanless. A few weeks ago, we posted our Top 5 Advantages of fanless systems. Today I not only want to reiterate the importance of fanless systems, but to give additional examples of our fanless PCs.

Last week, we released a ARM based board, the EMB-2500, which can be stuffed into a small form factor, fanless chassis. This board not only is an industrial ARM board that is comparable to the raspberry pi, but it is also a high performance, low-power board that has a lot of potential for specific industrial applications. Our EMB-4500 is from the same family of industrial ARM boards and under the features, we showcase a 32″ touch screen kiosk utilizing the same technology.

One of our more popular products, the BIS-6922, is enclosed in our ICEFIN fanless enclosures making it perfect for a number of different applications. Uses for the system include automation, digital signage, network security, point of sale, transportation home theater or even digital surveillance, the BIS-6922 Fanless Computer is one of the best choices.

Top 5 reasons To Go Fanless