mHealth: Connecting Medical Technology

Imagine a world where an individual has an MRI for some ongoing pain. A radiologist reviews the results, and makes notes in a patient’s Electronic Health Record about things that were observed. At a follow up appointment two weeks later, a nurse records some vitals and enters more data about patient symptoms into a connected, portable medical tablet. Several days later, while exercising, the patient’s wearable health monitor instantly uploads heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and other data directly to their Electronic Health Record profile. Because of the wealth of data and a great deal of computing power, the Electronic Health Record system instantly recognizes a group of symptoms that match a potentially life threatening condition. Nurses are notified, who contact the patient, and schedule them for emergency testing. A life is saved without the need for anyone to ever even get sick.

That’s the promise of mHealth – a network of mobile healthcare devices that connect to databases and other technology, as well as each other, to accurately monitor and record patient data in real time. Whether it’s simply making life a little easier for healthcare professionals, preventing inaccurate records or treatment, or catching emergency conditions on the fly. And the reach and scope of the technology is growing.

The App (Computer Application) market for mHealth is expected to grow by $400 Million between 2015 and 2020. This growth is mostly attributable to the expansion of mobile devices like healthcare tablets in the medical marketplace. As their availability expands, there is a greater demand for quality software that can work for and with all types of medical devices and conditions.

Estone Tech mHealth tablets and devices are extremely powerful, rugged, and adaptable. Estone Tech offers both Windows and Android based medical tablets, with options like NFC/RFID and bluetooth connectivity, as well as available 4G LTE Cellular options, so that they can connect to databases from anywhere, and easily pair with all types of mHealth devices and monitors. Learn more about our mobile medical solutions on our website, or contact us today for more information.