Intel Releases The Latest Graphic Driver (EMGD) For Atom E6XX AND Z5XX Series With Linux and Windows Support


Intel has announced today its release of the Intel Embedded Graphics Media and Graphics Driver (Intel EMGD) v 1.6. The driver allows for support on the various Intel Chipsets such as Intel® Atom™ System Controller Hub US15W, US15WP and US15WPT or the Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx (Tunnel Creek) Series. The Intel EMGD v 1.6 adds features to the Intel integrated GMA 500 & 600 graphics chipset, developed specifically for OEMs and embedded applications. With this improved driver, Intel expands driver support for both Windows and Linux to offer solutions for kiosk applications, digital signage, menu boards, and POS systems.

HabeyUSA has several products based on these two Atom platforms: BIS-6620 fanless PC, BIS-6622 E6XX fanless compact PC, SOM-0670 E6XX QSeven embedded board, EMB-3650 Z5XX 3.5” board, EMB-4050 Z5XX EPIC embedded board.