Infographic – OEMs, ODMs, and EMSs

Estone Tech is pleased to be your one-stop solution to custom tablets, panel PCs, embedded PCs, and other embeddable electronics. Our customers know us as a reliable and innovative OEM Electronics company with the expertise necessary to design the highest quality tablets & panel PCs, and the manufacturing capacity to meet their requirements.

But not all OEMs are created equal. Some only do design or development, and contract out production. Some are equipped to handle post-production issues, others are not. These organizations typically fall into three similar, often confused groups: OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers), and EMSs (Electronics Manufacturing Services). Check out today’s infographic to learn the basic differences.

Estone Tech performs all of the above in-house, with our team of exceptional engineers, product designers, and our extensive manufacturing capacity.  Contact us today to find out the benefits of working with the industry’s premier one-stop-shop OEM-ODM-EMS.