Healthcare Tablets – In & out of the Hospital

When it comes to touchscreen and handheld devices, no industry is experiencing quicker growth than healthcare. Handheld devices, a category including tablets, smartphones, and hybrid-laptop devices, were cited by 59% of healthcare professionals as their most important technological concern, in a study conducted by TechTarget and SearchHealth IT. But this paints a somewhat broad and inaccurate picture.

Since healthcare is such a diverse field, tablets and handheld devices themselves are going to find diverse uses in the field, each of which will apply to a different medical or administration field, all of which are important. But what are some of the places you’ll find handheld and touchscreen equipment in a hospital room? Check out the infographic to see just a few.

Analog hospital equipment is quickly going the way of the dinosaur, as bulky units with their own displays, power sources, and associated equipment are quickly replaced with smaller, slimmer tools that connect to tablets via USB or other standard connections, and work with specialized apps and software. This reduces clutter and increases ease of access, turning multiple large, heavy medical carts into a single, tablet equipped cart with a drawer of sensors and tools.

Doctors themselves carry tablets to record patient data, and display diagnostic info & imaging while explaining conditions & treatments to patients. This reduces paper trails and the odds of error, while increasing patient involvement in their own treatment, an important point of emphasis in many hospitals.

Patients with disabilities, or otherwise limited during recovery, may find assistive tools like Estone Tech’s ET and MT line tablets beneficial. These tablets mount on wheelchairs and medical carts. Some offer IR sensors for controlling electronics around the house, and others include high quality cameras & microphones for motion or voice control.

And of course, hospitals aren’t just healthcare. Many hospitals find tablet technology beneficial in management functions, from patient check in to recording in-patient meal orders & medication requests. Billing, entertainment, and business communications – all of these can be facilitated with easy access to touchscreen and tablet technology.

No matter where your interests lie in healthcare, there’s a touchscreen or tablet solution to serve you. Contact Estone Tech today to find out more.