Golf Cart GPS & Touchscreen Units Grow Profitability

Did you know that in the US, most golf courses operate at a loss? Nationwide, golf courses average revenues 2% under total operating costs. While this difference can often be made up with special events and catering, hosting weddings and so on, the margin from black ink to red is shockingly tight, and most golf courses ride the edge of insolvency.

One revenue source that is usually not fully exploited is Food & Beverage, relying on golfers who have lunch at the turn, or the beverage cart successfully tracking down thirsty golfers at the right times. Imagine a touchscreen solution for your golf carts that not only provides GPS & other services, but also places the entire food & beverage menu just a screen tap away at any moment. Allowing golfers to select the food and beverage options they want, and order them when they most want them, can increase  Food & Beverage Sales significantly, and drive any course to profitability.

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