Four Ways Industry 4.0 Makes Your Thanksgiving

Everyone loves Thanksgiving – gathering with friends and family, sharing stories of the past year, and preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. But it simply wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a mighty feast. The roasting turkey, the stuffing – it all seems so classic. Did you know there’s more modern technology on your plate this year than ever before?

Food Safety

Nothing would ruin a Thanksgiving Day celebration faster than a case of food poisoning – the fault of a refrigerator failure in a factory somewhere, or a produce wash cycle that isn’t operating properly. Factories equipped with Industry 4.0 technology can be more confident that their equipment is self-monitoring properly for problems, and will alert them if anything seems amiss.

Production Numbers

It seems that every year, something essential for your holiday meal is in short supply, whether it’s Canned Pumpkin or Plump Cranberries – something is hard to find on store shelves throughout the country. Industry 4.0 connects all the various components of a production chain, and puts the power of Artificial Intelligence to work. Industry 4.0 can spot bottlenecks on production lines and boost work on other lines, and it can identify manufacturing centers that may experience supply problems, and route raw materials from other locations.

Logistics Problems

Have you ever arrived to your local grocery store to pick up a last minute box of stuffing – only to find an empty shelf and an employee handing out rain checks? “The truck hasn’t arrived yet – we’re hoping it gets here soon.” Industry 4.0 and Mobility Computing can work together to plot efficient delivery routes, plan for traffic, and cover for accidents and disasters, so nobody ever needs to go without stuffing at their Thanksgiving banquet again.

Crowded Aisles

Nobody likes running to the grocery store on Thanksgiving. Impassible aisles, and chaos everywhere. Imagine a store that put Industry 4.0 mobility computing to work for them – employees notified about products that were running low or available restock items automatically – checkout lanes opened with the power of artificial intelligence behind them – all working together to help people get into the store, easily find what they need, and get back out.

So when you sit down at this year’s Thanksgiving table, take a moment to say thanks for rugged tablets, industrial computers, embedded boards, and all the other Industry 4.0 devices that are helping to make your holiday table safer, easier, and more delicious.