Exactly What Are Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records

Simply stated, Electronic Records regarding one’s health and heathcare both fall into the categories of EMRs and EHRs, but there’s more division than that, and it’s important for practitioners to be aware of the differences when making a decision on technology for their medical practice. The two types of records are discussed below, in addition to discussion about what type of technology works best for each.


Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Records are exactly what they sound like. Electronic versions of traditional paper medical records. Every time a doctor has recorded symptoms or ordered a test, the medical record is placed in the patient’s file. EMRs make that information available in a digital format that doesn’t require pulling a patient’s file before an appointment. It also becomes much simpler to search a patient’s history for specific tests, procedures, or results from a given period of time.

Electronic Health Records

EHRs are very similar to EMRs, and typically contain all of the information found in an EMR – but these records are built to go beyond. In addition to data recorded and provided by doctors and hospitals, EHRs often include data from laboratories, clinicians, specialists keeping their own records, and more. EHRs provide a more complete view of a patient’s health history to practitioners, allowing better health outcomes.

Choosing an Electronic Record Type for Your Practice

Providers considering a move to electronic health records will want to consider a few things:

  • What type of data their doctors, nurses, and professionals need to access.
  • What type of data their doctors, nurses, and professionals need to record.
  • What methods are best for recording the data in question.

For a general practitioner, where doctors and nurses are likely to record patient data directly in the same room, a terminal-based stationary computer system with a keyboard and mouse layout is likely ideal. However, for hospitals and specialty clinics, where caregivers are likely to record information while working directly with patients, a more portable system is advised. Many locations interested in more comprehensive Electronic Health Records will want to consider a tablet based recording system.

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