ERP: Food Processing & Packaging Automation

Food Processing and Packaging has been one of the fastest growing areas for automation over the past decade. With perishable raw materials, strict regulations about equipment function and cleanliness, and an ever changing market for material sources & prices; being able to quickly adapt a food production or packaging operation is essential. One of the biggest steps towards efficiency for food production & packaging operations has been the implementation of the ERP, or Enterprise Resource Plan.

ERPs bring together all aspects of a business to ensure lean, agile operations, at any scale. The days of quick adjustments to equipment outages or late deliveries being the specialty of small companies are now over. Managers and personnel from all over a company can now send and receive urgent alerts, learn about backups or issues at any point in the product chain, request personnel or equipment, and schedule downtime and maintenance, all from one portal. For instance, this year the new owners of “Eagle Brand” milk products improved throughput so much (by more than 50%), that they were able to completely eliminate one of two factories from the supply chain, leading to huge profit improvements.

However, it gets a little tougher to take an ERP with you on the factory floor, where drops, debris, and damage lurk around every corner. That’s why it’s critical to have a reliable supplier of the most robust tablet equipment available in the corner for your company.

Estone Tech is ready to partner with your company to develop the very best rugged tablet technology for your factory floor ERP system. Whether your company is in Food Production & Packaging, or another industry all together, Estone Tech has the solution.