Enabling Voice Control for the Next Generation of HMI Products

EMB-2238 Embedded Board

Nobody is as well positioned as Google to monitor the growth of various types of web searches and web interactions – so when Google says upwards of 30% of all searches are now voice searches, and by 2020, that number is on pace to eclipse 50%, it makes sense to pay attention. Not only are products like Google Home and Amazon Alexa speakers becoming increasingly popular, but more and more devices are adding their own smart voice interaction features. Everything from Televisions to Refrigerators are gaining the ability to take voice commands and provide voice information at a single request.

As voice search grows and voice interaction technologies become more essential, more devices will continue to include the technology. That means that robust, powerful, long-life electronics ready for ODM product integrations are needed. That’s why Estone Technology is introducing a new board designed especially for Voice Control, HMI, IoT and Edge Computing applications based on NXP’s i.MX8M processor family.

The latest i.MX8M processors have been designed specifically to support advanced multimedia computing – a type of computing found in in-car navigation and entertainment systems, home automation systems, entertainment AV, appliances, security systems, and industrial automation systems. Estone Technology has designed a durable, ODM-ready embedded board with this technology at its heart.

Often times, new technology and processor developments are quickly available in maker-grade devices. Hobbyists and developers may benefit, but bringing the technology to consumer or industrial products can be much more challenging – or impossible – with boards not designed for such implementations. Devices that use such advanced technology require  a product design that can be supported for years to come.

Another big advantage of the i.MX8M system available from Estone Technology is the power for Edge Computing it offers. As homes include more and more smart devices, they become both less secure and less efficient, sending more data to the cloud for processing and analysis. Estone Technology has carefully developed boards with plenty of robust power to do more of the work on the user’s end, at the edge of the cloud, where things are faster and more secure.

Take the next step into voice interaction technology with Estone Technology’s EMB-2238.