Embedded Linux and the Qt (Cute) Framework

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Though a variety of Operating System companies are now producing versions of their OSes designed for efficient, embedded systems and the Internet of Things, Linux-powered Operating System releases continue to reign supreme. Popular platforms today include many well known Android releases, Meego, Snapgear, Embedded Debian, and more. These operating systems are popular because they are typically designed around a very lean Linux kernel, and have been optimized for features and elements commonly found on and needed for embedded system development, which shortens the development cycle, reduces costs, and reduces errors.

However, even though selecting the proper Embedded Linux platform or distribution will simplify the integration and use of your system’s components, it will still be necessary to develop a framework, and possibly a GUI, for your embedded system’s use. Qt Application Framework simplifies and eases the development of applications on a variety of hardware and software platforms, by allowing their development on desktop machines in virtually any configuration, and then easily porting those applications to the Qt framework on your embedded device. It is popularly used when developing applications for anything from smartphones and smartwatches to robotic systems and industrial controls.

QT Framework GUI Builder
The QT Framework is designed to simplify building programs and GUIs that work across systems.

Estone Technology’s ultra-small form factor EMB-1200 embedded board fully supports Yocto Embedded Linux and the Qt development framework, making it an excellent choice for use in a wide variety of systems and designs. The extremely small form factor and low profile of the board ensure that it will fit in virtually any placement, including a 2-gang electrical box, and the collection of Yocto Linux and Qt ensure that it can be easily and quickly readied to fi the needs of virtually any product, whehter it’s an IoT product or something else.

Because Qt  works across so many different systems independently of their own software and hardware environments, there is rarely, if ever, any need to tweak a GUI to look or perform correctly when working with new hardware or software, making it easy to update various parts of a product or design, or offer multiple design versions and sigzes, without reprogramming software or making other costly changes.

Estone Technology has the hardware and software engineers and expertise to work with your organization in developing products and meeting hardware and software concerns. Our specialities lie in the embedded device, tablet, and panel PC market, as well as in the software that makes these devices work for your needs.