Edge-to-Edge Tempered Glass Touchpanels: Avoid Frames, Rims and Bezels

PPC-4107 Panel PC

The era of touchpanels encased in plastic frames, seemingly disconnected and separate from their surroundings, is ending. The attractive, integrated look of glass is now available across the entire front of a panel PC, in the form of strong, tempered edge-to-edge glass.

In the past, touchpanel PCs featured plastic bezels that obscured and protected the edges of the unit. The touchscreen usually installed behind this bezel, obscuring mounting screws and hardware, creating a recessed look. This worked fine, and is still commonly seen today. But the modern aesthetic calls for a more concise, flowing installation. That means Edge-to-Edge screen glass.

In an Edge-to-Edge touchscreen design, while there will still be a “frame” around the edge of the visible screen, that frame will be glass; a smooth panel with no edges, rims, or lips. This is possible through the advent of thicker, stronger, “tempered” glass for touchscreens.

Thin But Strong Tempered Glass
The Tempered Glass Screen is extremely thin for sensitivity, yet strong.

Tempered Glass is a type of safety glass processed with thermal and chemical treatments to increase its strength and, if broken, to break into safe, less jagged granules. In the past, it was not possible to use glass for the entirety of a touchpanel’s front panel, because it lacked the strength to use as a structural element. Either something (a frame or bezel) had to be present to “hold” the glass, or the glass had to be so thick that it impaired the proper function of the touchscreen. Fully Tempered glass is four to 6 times as strong as regular glass, meaning that it does not need to be braced in the same way to avoid damage that other types of panels do, but can also be made thin enough to function properly for a touchpanel.

If your project requires the high aesthetic value of Edge-to-Edge glass, consider working with Estone Technology for a touchscreen that supports your needs.