Automotive Touchscreen Deliveries Rise

Embedded Touchscreen Technology is appearing everywhere these days, from factory floors to fast food drink dispensers. And with reduced costs and increased availability, the trend shows no signs of stopping. Embedded touchscreen computers provide for more advanced, intuitive device controls and human-machine interfaces, while costing less and requiring less manufacturing time and materials than traditional physical buttons and switches.

No field is making better, more consistent use of embedded touchscreen technology than the automotive and vehicle fields. Embedded entertainment centers, climate consoles, navigation and GPS units, and even complete vehicle control centers are growing rapidly. According to a study from IHS Markit, touchscreen computer deliveries to automotive parts suppliers are expected to grow more than 11% in 2017 from 2016, the largest 1 year growth ever seen in the industry.
Touchscreen technology in vehicles is also slowly becoming more advanced, as screens slowly move away from slightly more restrictive resistive (physical contact) touchscreens and towards capacitive (electrical potential) screens. Capacitive screens generally support more touch points, and work when wet, or with some coverings, like gloves. This indicates that the software and functions being performed by embedded vehicle touchscreens are becoming more advanced.

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