AOSP For Embedded Computing Projects: Panel PCs and HMIs

AOSP, or Android Open Source Project, is an open-source initiative led by Google to develop and maintain the Android operating system. In embedded computing, AOSP can be utilized as a foundation for building customized and specialized Android-based systems for various devices such as embedded systems, IoT devices, and other hardware platforms. Its open nature allows developers to adapt and optimize Android for specific embedded applications, providing a flexible framework for diverse embedded computing environments with a backbone of huge developer community.

Where Can You Find AOSP Used?

AOSP finds applications in various industrial settings due to its adaptability and flexibility. While stock Android is primarily designed for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, AOSP can also be adapted for other hardware platforms, such as NXP’s i.MX ARM processors, to create customized Android-based solutions for various applications. It’s a practical choice for Touch Panels and HMIs.

Some industrial applications of AOSP include:

Manufacturing Automation: AOSP can be utilized in manufacturing environments to power control systems, monitoring devices, and machinery interfaces, enabling better automation and control over production processes.

Warehouse Management: In warehouse settings, AOSP-based solutions can be employed for inventory tracking, logistics management, and optimizing workflows, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Industrial IoT (IIoT): AOSP can serve as a base for developing IoT solutions in industries, connecting sensors, devices, and machinery to streamline data collection, analysis, and remote monitoring.

Healthcare Devices: AOSP can be used in medical equipment, monitoring devices, and healthcare systems to facilitate data collection, patient monitoring, and communication between healthcare professionals.

medical panel pc

Energy Management: AOSP-based solutions can aid in energy monitoring, control systems for building automation, and smart grid management, optimizing energy usage and distribution.

Benefits of using AOSP for your Tablet or HMI Project

There are many specific benefits to using AOSP for Panel PCs and HMI applications. AOSP allows you to create a custom user interface (UI) that is tailored to the specific needs of your Panel PC or HMI device. You can design intuitive touch-friendly interfaces with large buttons, controls, and information displays. Since Android inherently supports touchscreens, that makes it a suitable choice for devices that require touch-based interaction. Further, seamless integration with hardware components is crucial. Luckily, Android can be adapted to work seamlessly with the hardware components of your device. This may involve integrating various sensors, display controllers, communication interfaces (e.g., RS-232, CAN bus, Ethernet), and other peripherals commonly found in Panel PCs and HMI devices.

Estone Tech is Your Embedded Computing Partner

If your new project utilizes AOSP as an OS and you need more than just off-the-shelf products, come to Estone Tech for your manufacturing and customization needs. Our software support for AOSP includes developing or modifying device drivers that may be necessary to ensure proper communication and functionality with the specific hardware components used in your device, plan and implementation of over-the-air (OTA) update, secure boot, cloud connectivity and remote management for IoT applications.  Whether you need to create a touch panel with barcode readers, smart card technology or with power over ethernet requirements—whatever it is—we have you covered. Talk to a specialist today.