Golf Cart Tablet

Rugged Tablets for the Tourism Industry

As the weather begins to turn, many businesses that slow or idle during the winter months come back to full-swing. Not only limited to landscaping and similar businesses, but also construction and equipment maintenance companies, and even some types of manufacturing companies operate more frequently in nicer weather. One industry that may be less considered but is turning to automation as rapidly as any other industry is tourism. Whether you’re operating a complete hotel and… 

Estone at Embedded World 2019

Embedded World ’19 Wrap Up: AI-IOT Honorable Mention

Meeting the Embedded Computer Industry Today marks the last day for Embedded World 2019, the highlight of the embedded computing year worldwide. Hundreds of suppliers and thousands of industry professionals come together to share the latest innovations in embedded computing for personal, commercial, industrial, and vertical industry applications. We were thrilled to put together a large booth this year where we could show off the latest Estone Technology innovations, and welcome the public to learn… 

Embedded World 2019

Join Estone Technology at Embedded World 2019

In just two weeks, if you’re going to be near Nuremberg, Germany, you can join Estone Technology at Embedded World 2019, the worldwide premier showcase for embedded technology! The annual event is the premier showcase for all types of embedded technology, with new solutions premiered by hundreds of leading companies worldwide.  The annual showcase will take place this year from February 26-28, with exhibition space for hundreds of organizations, plus a number of great panels… 

Industry 4.0 Thanksgiving

Four Ways Industry 4.0 Makes Your Thanksgiving

Everyone loves Thanksgiving – gathering with friends and family, sharing stories of the past year, and preparing for the upcoming Christmas season. But it simply wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a mighty feast. The roasting turkey, the stuffing – it all seems so classic. Did you know there’s more modern technology on your plate this year than ever before? Food Safety Nothing would ruin a Thanksgiving Day celebration faster than a case of food poisoning –… 


Come Meet Estone Tech at Electronica 2018

Do you want to learn more about Estone Technology and the OEM/ODM solutions we can provide for your company? Are you in Europe or going to be in Europe? Then come visit us in Munich, Germany from November 13th through the 16th at Electronica 2018 – Europe’s premier electronics trade show and expo. Visitors from every industry will have an opportunity to learn more from many companies, especially in Automotive Electronics, Embedded Electronics, Medical Electronics,… 

Anti Fingerprint

October 2018 Whitepaper – Touchscreen Coatings

Touchscreen devices are everywhere and because of that, different screens face different demands. Fortunately, with the right films and coatings, your touchscreen can be prepared for anything. Learn more about anti-glare, anti-reflection, depolarization, and oleophobic screen coatings with this month’s Estone Technology whitepaper. PDF Link – October 2018 Whitepaper Enjoy this whitepaper? Follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter.

TekVisions IMTS 2018

Partner TekVisions Shows Off Long-Life Tablet at IMTS2018

Some of the best things about of being an electronics OEM are the great companies we get to work with. It’s always a pleasure when a company comes to us with a vision that we can help them design and execute. So we were pleased to see partner TekVisions at this week’s International Manufacturing Technology Show presenting their new “Marathon” 14-inch semi-rugged PC, developed and manufactured in cooperation with Estone Technology. TekVisions has dubbed the… 

PPC-4207 Panel PC

Case Study: Choosing a Panel PC vs a Tablet

Touchscreen Technology Integrations In the past, it was not uncommon to integrate a touchscreen as part of a larger computerized system, the screen independent from other computerized components of a system. In fact, because computers were less powerful and more bulky, it was almost entirely necessary to do this. The ongoing improvement and size reductions in technology have given rise to thin, powerful tablet and panel PCs that can handle all of a piece of… 

Yocto Project

Yocto Project Linux for Tablet & Panel PCs

Custom Linux Distros through Yocto Project Gaining Traction for Tablets/Panel PCs For some Tablet and Panel PC applications, a familiar, user friendly operating system is necessary. Certain users will require the flexibility of Windows or Android operating systems to download key software or work with specific cloud-based programs. However, for many devices with specific purposes, full fledged consumer or commercial grade operating systems are a needless expense, and open the device up to misuse and… 

Tablet with Medical Cart Mounting

Do more with our largest Tablet PC – the new MT-140

You know Estone Technology as a provider of the best in rugged tablets, rugged panel PCs, embedded boards, and industrial computers. But some applications benefit from a tablet designed not just for mobility, but to do more. For applications that require more computer real estate, Estone Technology’s new MT tablet line has just the right technology. The new, 14” MT-140 is the first in this line of specially adapted tablets. It features all of the…