Tablet Computers for Healthcare: Packaging Technology Makes the Difference

Of course Healthcare Technology companies know that when it comes to Tablet PCs and Panel PCs for medical purposes, Estone Tech is a leader. But there are thousands of various medical technology devices out there – why choose a Medical Tablet or Medical Panel computer for your healthcare technology project? Like with any business, a big part of finding success with new processes is getting people to actually use the new processes. Packaging technology properly… 

Various Inputs On PPC-4210 Panel PC

Versatile, POE Ready All-in-One Panel PCs Simplify Automation – PPC-4207 & 4210

It’s a fact – no matter what industry you’re a part of, or what industries you serve, automation is a growing part of everything with in it. Human-Machine Interaction, whether it’s controlling industrial equipment or accepting retail payments, is now a part of nearly every aspect of our days. For years, Human Machine Interactions (HMIs) have been the domain of buttons, switches, dials, and keypads, but over the past decade, touchscreens have become ubiquitous, offering… 


mHealth: Connecting Medical Technology

Imagine a world where an individual has an MRI for some ongoing pain. A radiologist reviews the results, and makes notes in a patient’s Electronic Health Record about things that were observed. At a follow up appointment two weeks later, a nurse records some vitals and enters more data about patient symptoms into a connected, portable medical tablet. Several days later, while exercising, the patient’s wearable health monitor instantly uploads heart rate, respiration, blood pressure,…