New Products Showcasing at HIMSS 2021

Estone Technology is proud to be attending the 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas on August 10th through August 12th. We will have a booth in the Sands Level 2 Expo Center at #3265. We will be bringing some of the latest and greatest models of our products to debut at HIMSS as well as some of our most popular models for the medical industry. If you would like to see… 

Tablet RFID Reader

Tablet PC with RFID Reader

Revolutionizing the world of retail, medicine and technology, RFID scanner has redefined safety, efficacy and errorless services. While minimizing the human efforts and inaccuracies, the RFID readers have been ensuring that they significantly improve the overall quality of life and care provision. RFID technology has transformed the ways of service provision. With automation of data collection and supporting tag reading without the line-of-sight, the time utilization and efficacy has increased by manifolds. However, the cost… 

ISO 31485 Certified Medical Grade Tablets

Using Medical Tablet to Fight COVID-19

The use of medical tablets is the next best thing in terms of patient care. Medical practitioners around the globe are trying to use these tablets to offer enhanced medical care to their patients. It makes sense to use medical tablets to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the ongoing pandemic, and increase the efficiency of healthcare in the infected regions. In the beginning, medical facilities were concerned regarding HIPAA compliance problems and patient privacy. However, in… 

MJ-80 Medical Grade Android Tablet

5 Ways Portable Tablets Are Used in the Medical Field

Ever since portable tablets entered the marketplace, medical professionals have been seeking ways to use them to improve patient care. Initial concerns about HIPAA compliance and protecting patient privacy have been largely alleviated by network security improvements and specific healthcare apps. Today’s medical tablets are used to access pharmaceutical information, collect patient data, and share day-to-day information between providers and patients from any location. Medical-grade tablets differ from consumer tablets in several key ways: They… 

Point of Sale Tablet PC

November 2018 Whitepaper – Mobile PoS Technologies for 2019

As businesses continue to move away from the traditional cash register and stationary point of sale terminal, Mobile Point of Sale and Mobile Payment solutions become more and more essential. Learn about the current state of the industry, and what is coming next, with our November 2018 whitepaper. PDF Link – November 2018 Whitepaper Enjoy this whitepaper? Follow the link at the bottom of the page to sign up for our newsletter.

Infotainment PC

Large Format Infotainment Panel PCs

Powerful, Large-Format Touchscreen Panel PCs make Infotainment a Reality Infotainment, as a term, has been around since the early 1980s, usually used to describe entertaining news or an informational presentation that was also enjoyable. Today, the definition of Infotainment has evolved. In some uses, it describes a website or social media app designed both for information and entertainment – but more and more frequently, it is being used to describe computer hardware specially designed to… 

Tablet with Medical Cart Mounting

Do more with our largest Tablet PC – the new MT-140

You know Estone Technology as a provider of the best in rugged tablets, rugged panel PCs, embedded boards, and industrial computers. But some applications benefit from a tablet designed not just for mobility, but to do more. For applications that require more computer real estate, Estone Technology’s new MT tablet line has just the right technology. The new, 14” MT-140 is the first in this line of specially adapted tablets. It features all of the… 

MD-100 10" Windows Medical Tablet Dark

The Best Healthcare Features come together in new Tablet PC

Estone Technology Brings Together the Best Healthcare IT Features in 10” mHealth Focused Tablet As Estone Technology has moved to become one of the industry’s leading providers for mHealth tablets and Healthcare IT mobility products, we’ve worked hard to understand the needs of the healthcare community and the features they find most essential. We’ve packed as many of those features as we possibly could into our new 10” medically-focused rugged tablet, the MD-100. We’ve considered… 

Various Inputs On PPC-4210 Panel PC

Versatile, POE Ready All-in-One Panel PCs Simplify Automation – PPC-4207 & 4210

It’s a fact – no matter what industry you’re a part of, or what industries you serve, automation is a growing part of everything with in it. Human-Machine Interaction, whether it’s controlling industrial equipment or accepting retail payments, is now a part of nearly every aspect of our days. For years, Human Machine Interactions (HMIs) have been the domain of buttons, switches, dials, and keypads, but over the past decade, touchscreens have become ubiquitous, offering… 


mHealth: Connecting Medical Technology

Imagine a world where an individual has an MRI for some ongoing pain. A radiologist reviews the results, and makes notes in a patient’s Electronic Health Record about things that were observed. At a follow up appointment two weeks later, a nurse records some vitals and enters more data about patient symptoms into a connected, portable medical tablet. Several days later, while exercising, the patient’s wearable health monitor instantly uploads heart rate, respiration, blood pressure,…