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Waterproof UR-100, IP-67 Rating
Waterproof Tablets and Panel PCs

Sometimes, a situation may call for a device that can meet particular standards. These standards include waterproofing. In rugged settings, a device that is designed to prevent damage to internal components from harsh conditions would require the device to be waterproof. Even in healthcare settings, devices need to be waterproof to ensure that they won’t […]

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AUSA Military Equipment Expo
Rugged Tablets for Military Applications at AUSA Expo

Washington, DC – The Association for the United States Army is gearing up for this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo, an opportunity for all divisions of the US Army to share ongoing programs, and meet with potential vendors and experts from a variety of support industries. The event is the largest landpower exposition and professional […]

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Military Wearables Infographic
What Factors Go Into a Military Mobile Device

The Marine Corps has announced that their new Marine Common Handheld, or MCH, the next step in their ‘Nett Warrior’ program to equip soldiers with battlefield ready technology, will be ready by 2019. The device integrates necessary military software & tools with rugged tablet devices to give US service members in the field the ability […]

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