Come Meet Estone Tech at Electronica 2018

Do you want to learn more about Estone Technology and the OEM/ODM solutions we can provide for your company? Are you in Europe or going to be in Europe? Then come visit us in Munich, Germany from November 13th through the 16th at Electronica 2018 – Europe’s premier electronics trade show and expo. Visitors from every industry will have an opportunity to learn more from many companies, especially in Automotive Electronics, Embedded Electronics, Medical Electronics,… 

Exactly What Are Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records

Simply stated, Electronic Records regarding one’s health and heathcare both fall into the categories of EMRs and EHRs, but there’s more division than that, and it’s important for practitioners to be aware of the differences when making a decision on technology for their medical practice. The two types of records are discussed below, in addition to discussion about what type of technology works best for each. Electronic Medical Records Electronic Medical Records are exactly what… 

Yocto Project

Yocto Project Linux for Tablet & Panel PCs

Custom Linux Distros through Yocto Project Gaining Traction for Tablets/Panel PCs For some Tablet and Panel PC applications, a familiar, user friendly operating system is necessary. Certain users will require the flexibility of Windows or Android operating systems to download key software or work with specific cloud-based programs. However, for many devices with specific purposes, full fledged consumer or commercial grade operating systems are a needless expense, and open the device up to misuse and… 

Tablet with Medical Cart Mounting

Do more with our largest Tablet PC – the new MT-140

You know Estone Technology as a provider of the best in rugged tablets, rugged panel PCs, embedded boards, and industrial computers. But some applications benefit from a tablet designed not just for mobility, but to do more. For applications that require more computer real estate, Estone Technology’s new MT tablet line has just the right technology. The new, 14” MT-140 is the first in this line of specially adapted tablets. It features all of the… 

Healthcare Tablets Infographic

Top Applications for Tablet Computers in Medicine

You may often hear it said – tablet computers and panel PCs are becoming more and more common throughout the healthcare and medical industry sectors. And it is true – According to a new report by Ricoh, 74% of hospitals that have embraced tablets are more efficient than their non-tablet-using competition, and a report by Research and Markets predicted that the mHealth market would grow more than 25% annually though 2023 – indicating that most… 

MD-100 10" Windows Medical Tablet Dark

The Best Healthcare Features come together in new Tablet PC

Estone Technology Brings Together the Best Healthcare IT Features in 10” mHealth Focused Tablet As Estone Technology has moved to become one of the industry’s leading providers for mHealth tablets and Healthcare IT mobility products, we’ve worked hard to understand the needs of the healthcare community and the features they find most essential. We’ve packed as many of those features as we possibly could into our new 10” medically-focused rugged tablet, the MD-100. We’ve considered… 

Medical Cart PC

Whitepaper – November 2017

Our November, 2017 Whitepaper discusses the future of mHealth and Healthcare IT solutions. Estone Tech is a leader in OEM production for Medical Equipment companies. Learn where the future is headed, and how we can help you get there. Download the PDF – Medical IT Solutions: Products and Applications to Improve Healthcare.

RSNA Medical Imaging

Highlight Radiological Society Show to Feature Estone Technology Medical Imaging Technology

Chicago, IL – “Explore. Invent. Transform.” Each year, the annual meeting for the Radiological Society of North America brings together hundreds of the best minds in radiology technology and application for several days of learning, networking, an exploration. This year’s event, held at Chicago’s McCormick Place, will be no different, with professionals and administrators from across North America in attendance, and exhibitors from more than 700 companies involved in every area of radiology will demonstrate… 


mHealth: Connecting Medical Technology

Imagine a world where an individual has an MRI for some ongoing pain. A radiologist reviews the results, and makes notes in a patient’s Electronic Health Record about things that were observed. At a follow up appointment two weeks later, a nurse records some vitals and enters more data about patient symptoms into a connected, portable medical tablet. Several days later, while exercising, the patient’s wearable health monitor instantly uploads heart rate, respiration, blood pressure,… 

Single Board Computers vs Medical Computers Growth Infographic

Single Board Computers to Grow on Strength of Medical Panel PCs

According to several recent studies, among the mostly stagnant commercial PC market, SBC’s (Single Board Computers), a class of commercial computers that integrates internal components, displays, I/O features, and audio features into one flat panel piece of equipment, are expected to grow at approximately 12.5% per year through 2024, topping more than $1.2 Billion in sales. The growth is expected primarily on the strength of Medical Panel PCs, computers which are gaining popularity in hospitals…