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IK Rating impact test

IK Rating Standard and Touch Panel Computer Impact Protection

So you have a prototype for your device with a touch panel and you’ve arrived here when searching about IK ratings or touch panel impact protection. Here is a quick guide about IK impact protection ratings, what they mean and how it impacts on your design. IEC 62262 is an international standard that defines the IK code. But what even is “IK” anyway? You’ve heard about IP (Ingress Protection) which are ratings for how much… 

smart buildings

Building Automation Trends

Smart buildings represent a remarkable leap forward in the realm of modern architecture and urban infrastructure. With their fusion of cutting-edge technology and sustainable design, they are poised to revolutionize the way we work and live. Smart buildings seamlessly integrate an array of sensors, automation systems, and data analytics to create environments that respond intelligently to the needs of their occupants while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. In this era of rapid urbanization and… 

Industrial Panel PC for Edge AI

Introducing the Industrial Panel PC Built for Edge AI: PPC-4910

Edge AI (the use of AI algorithms on devices located at the edge of a network) and machine learning (ML) work together to bring the power of artificial intelligence to local devices, enabling them to perform intelligent tasks without relying on constant internet connectivity or external cloud servers. Edge AI involves deploying ML models directly on edge devices, like IoT devices, and industrial machines, allowing these devices to process data and make decisions locally. Applications…