New Products Showcasing at HIMSS 2021

Estone Technology is proud to be attending the 2021 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas on August 10th through August 12th. We will have a booth in the Sands Level 2 Expo Center at #3265. We will be bringing some of the latest and greatest models of our products to debut at HIMSS as well as some of our most popular models for the medical industry. If you would like to see… 

8" Ultra Rugged Handheld Tablet

8” Waterproof Ultra-rugged Tablet with HF and UHF RFID Reader and Barcode Scanner

Estone Technology is pleased to announce the new 8” Ultra-Rugged, Waterproof Android Tablet UA-80. The UA-80 Integrates HF, UHF RFID Reader, and barcode Scanner and for data capture; the device is ready for OEM/ODM design and manufacturing. It is a purpose-built, application-specific handheld rugged tablet, empowering field workers fulfilling all the tasks of in healthcare, construction, oil and gas, logistics, and more. Estone’s UA-80 is powered with a Fast Octa-core MSM8953 Qualcomm Processor with the flexibility… 

MDA-100 Tablet PC

Estone’s New 10” Fully Rugged Android Tablet

Toledo, OH – Estone Technology is pleased to announce our new fully rugged android Tablet MDA-100 . The MDA-100 represents a combination of the latest Android 8 operating system with our most popular rugged features and modules in a compact, 10” screen platform. The device is offered ODM, with a wide variety of available modules and custom branding options based on specific needs. Units are offered with varying combinations different features. MDA-100 Rugged Tablet PC main Features: ARM Cortex-A… 

ISO 31485 Certified Medical Grade Tablets

Using Medical Tablet to Fight COVID-19

The use of medical tablets is the next best thing in terms of patient care. Medical practitioners around the globe are trying to use these tablets to offer enhanced medical care to their patients. It makes sense to use medical tablets to fight Coronavirus (COVID-19) during the ongoing pandemic, and increase the efficiency of healthcare in the infected regions. In the beginning, medical facilities were concerned regarding HIPAA compliance problems and patient privacy. However, in… 

Rugged Tablet Screen With Digitizer Pen

Is a Rugged Tablet Right for Your Application?

Today’s consumer-grade tablets are impressive, but also often unequipped to meet the challenging demands of industrial applications. This leads to an increased need for rugged, utilitarian tablets. Industrial tablets are purpose-built and purpose-driven tools. Sectors where time and safety are essential benefit from these powerful and targeted pieces of equipment. Once an organization decides to integrate industrial tablets into their workflow, it’s important to do your research and make an informed choice. If you think… 

Battery Charging Dock

Pocket-Sized Medical Tablet PCs make Paperless Offices a Reality – Estone Tech’s 8” MJ-80

Medical records are now fully electronic. It’s no longer a trend – it is the reality. The accessibility, efficiency, security, and cost savings of electronic medical records have long since made paper records a thing of the past. It’s now a challenge to find even an independent practitioner anywhere that still uses paper records. However, the transition has come at a cost, as in many offices, notes are still taken by hand and then transcribed… 

ATV Computer Mount

Whitepaper – October 2017

Download our October 2017 Whitepaper and learn more about tablet and panel PC solutions for all types of outdoor activities. From touchpanel PCs in golf carts to GPS and entertainment units in ATVs, and tablets for player coaching and league development – tablet and panel PCs are popping up all over in outdoor recreation. Download the PDF – Outdoor Recreation Tablets: Getting the most from Outdoor Activities

Touchscreens improve golf Cart Revenue Infographic

Golf Cart GPS & Touchscreen Units Grow Profitability

Did you know that in the US, most golf courses operate at a loss? Nationwide, golf courses average revenues 2% under total operating costs. While this difference can often be made up with special events and catering, hosting weddings and so on, the margin from black ink to red is shockingly tight, and most golf courses ride the edge of insolvency. One revenue source that is usually not fully exploited is Food & Beverage, relying… 

Automotive Console Touchscreens Infographic

Automotive Touchscreen Deliveries Rise

Embedded Touchscreen Technology is appearing everywhere these days, from factory floors to fast food drink dispensers. And with reduced costs and increased availability, the trend shows no signs of stopping. Embedded touchscreen computers provide for more advanced, intuitive device controls and human-machine interfaces, while costing less and requiring less manufacturing time and materials than traditional physical buttons and switches. No field is making better, more consistent use of embedded touchscreen technology than the automotive and… 

Military Wearables Infographic

What Factors Go Into a Military Mobile Device

The Marine Corps has announced that their new Marine Common Handheld, or MCH, the next step in their ‘Nett Warrior’ program to equip soldiers with battlefield ready technology, will be ready by 2019. The device integrates necessary military software & tools with rugged tablet devices to give US service members in the field the ability to communicate location and situation, receive critical battlefield intel, and become a more efficient fighting force. As announced in an…