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Why Do I Need To Go Fanless?

It seems like everyday there is a newer, smaller, faster computer or device that is released making the device or computer you own seem dated. Here at Habey USA we are trying to make you feel a little bit better and supply your home or business with new, small, fast computers. Not only will the system be better, they will also be fanless. A few weeks ago, we posted our Top 5 Advantages of fanless… 

Intel Core i7

Intel’s Ivy Bridge Integrated HD Graphics 4000 Gets 10% Faster

Intel recently released a new driver for it’s Ivy Bridge processors with the Integrated HD Graphics 4000 GPU. The new drivers allow the GPU to perform up to 10% better and faster boosting video performance of games and HD playback while also lowering overall power consumption. Intel also states that the new drivers will include support for OpenCL 1.2. For those of you that do not know the advantages of these changes, OpenCL in short, allows the… 

ARM Logo

Discovering New Ways To Use The Industrial ARM

We all know the raspberry pi was a breakthrough board when released but at Habey USA, we strive to make things just a little bit better. Technology that was previously exclusive to the industrial market is breaking grounds into the consumer market introduces an interesting trend. There seems to be a major shift and growing popularity of ARM platforms which are finding their way into every day consumer use. Additionally, more and more companies are finding…