Tablet/Panel PC Design and Manufacturing

At Estone, our engineers take the time to understand your organization and specific challenges, tailoring the design and solution to meet your unique requirements. Our solutions address traditional and emerging technologies; we cover everything from cosmetic and styling design, system architecture, LCD and touch screen customization, RF, prototyping, validation, to regulation compliance.

MD-100 side view showing port covered for industrial design and IP ratings

Industrial Design

The industrial design team in Estone integrates functionality, aesthetics, and marketability into a completely customized and performative product design. By combining visual art, physical and behavioral science, and technology, we can help you translate your new product ideas into fully refined design solutions.

MD-100 parts break out showing product engineering

Mechanical Design and Engineering

Estone Technology has decades of experience in custom tablet design and manufacturing. Our in-house mechanical engineers and industrial designers collaborate with our clients to ensure fast product development and cost-effective manufacturing. Our flexible development process gives you the opportunity to develop innovative products for any industry.

Devices integrated with one another through connectivity on a global scale

RF Integration

It is essential for today’s IoT systems to remain connected. Estone Technology engineers are experts in wireless connectivity. We can integrate the latest 4G/LTE, WiFi, NFC, RFID, and Zigbee technologies into a rugged tablet or embedded system, keeping your product always connected anywhere and able to accomplish anything.

Bright LCDs that can be read in the sunlight

LCD Customization

Industrial applications require LCDs that can operate in hot and cold weather, and that are sunlight readable with high resolution. We offer anti-glare, anti-reflection, and anti-fingerprint coatings to meet your unique requirements. Estone engineers are experts and provide professional LCD customization services for our clients.

MD-100 touch screen that can be interacted with touch, glove, stylus and digitizer

Touch Screen Customization

Estone Technology’s tablets interact with capacitive touchscreen technology. Our tablets are touch-friendly and powerful, with the ability to work in wet and cold environments. Users can operate the system with gloves, pens, or digitizers.

manufacturing line for computer components

Scalable Manufacturing

Estone Technology brings innovations and scalability into the product design, ensuring excellent product quality and performance. We are headquartered in the US, have a sales office in Europe, and have manufacturing facilities in China, guaranteeing any production volume for our clients worldwide.