Website and Name Change

March 1, 2018 – Estone Technology has been doing business as (DBA) Habey USA and Estone Tech. The website promotes  rugged tablet PC and panel PC products under the Estone Tech name, while the website promotes embedded computer (including board, box PC, and panel PC) products under the Habey name. These two websites have merged to to enhance our product portfolio, and better reflect the growth and expansion of our ODM and software support services. All employees will use the new email address on the domain. Available product offerings, support, and warranties remain unchanged. Company locations and contact phone numbers remain unchanged to ensure no service interruptions.

The Midwest office of Estone Technology in Ohio will continue to focus on rugged tablet PCs and medical industry products. The west coast office of Estone Technology in Los Angles will focus on industrial PCs, embedded boards, and panel PCs. The west coast office will also continue to offer product assembly, warehousing and logistics service for all customers. If you have any question, please feel free to contact either office for details.

Estone Logo
Habey Logo