Rugged Tablets for Military Applications at AUSA Expo

Washington, DC – The Association for the United States Army is gearing up for this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo, an opportunity for all divisions of the US Army to share ongoing programs, and meet with potential vendors and experts from a variety of support industries. The event is the largest landpower exposition and professional development forum in North America, designed to deliver the US Army’s messages, highlight capabilities, and provide a showcase for suppliers and partners to work together. Estone Tech is in attendance at the event right now, which runs through tomorrow – offering the next generation of military grade rugged electronics.

At this year’s event, many senior Army staff from a variety of branches of the Army will speak, with a special focus on this year’s theme – “Building Readiness”, as the Army continues its transition from Great War design to the Multi-Domain battlefront. Aspects of Infantry and Mounted divisions will be represented, as well as specialty units, and Army cyber command. Each unit has specific messages about preparing for future missions on and off the battlefield, and the strategy and technology that will take them there.

Rugged and military-grade electronics, such as powerful, multi-use tablets, are expected to be a big part of future Army strategy, for both infantry and mounted groups. The ability to stay patched in to an advanced communications network and receive intelligence that opponents don’t have access to is critical for any battlefield success.

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