New Fever Screening & Access Control System with AI Technologies

IR temperature detection and Face Recognition

Estone Technology is proud to announce the FSAC-80: Compact Fever Screening & Access Control System equipped with AI infrared thermal imaging, binocular camera, and biometrics recognition technology, to enable fast, contactless and accurate temperature detection and user authentication in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Infrared cameras involved multi-AI technologies with deep learning helps to identify non-human heat sources and provide security personnel with real-time alerts. Face liveness detection protects against spoof attacks like pictures, offering higher security and greater user experience than traditional authentication methods. The system also can identify and measure the temperature of people wearing facial masks. This non-contact body temperature detection and facial recognition system are invaluable to help identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses. OEM/ODM design and manufacturing services are available. System customization includes the following:

  1. Display screen size, 7” – 43”, either standard alone or all-in-system
  2. Mounting: tripod, wall mount, or pole stand
  3. Multi-person detection for large public application
  4. IO to different altering and gate control system
  5. Linux, Android, or Windows operation system 

FSAC-80 Main Features with AI Technologies

Targeting fever screening & access control applications with AI infrared temperature measurement and face recognition technologies, FSAC-80 is powered with a fast Octa-core Cortex A72/A53 CPU. The temperature detection system features a thermal imaging sensor with 32 x 32 IR pixels and can identify and detect fever in up to 120 people per minute. With AI software integrated with a calibrated, bi-spectral thermal camera, it provides temperature detecting deviations <±0.5°C between 0.5- and 1-meter distance away. The system also features a 2MP optical camera for advanced face recognition, supports 30,000 face databases, and ensures liveness detection accuracy rate>98.3% and recognition speed<0.5s, allowing the system to scan as many as 120 people per minute. Our solution also supports the direct release of normal visitors, over-temperature alarm, and mask-wearing reminder.IR thermal Temperature Detection and Face recognition

FSAC-80 Applications

The FSAC-80 System can be easily and quickly mounted and used as a passage gate access controller in communities, office buildings, hotels, scenic spots, transportation junctions, and other public service areas. The IR thermal camera can be used to detect elevated body temperature (EBT); individuals with abnormal temperature in the skin in key areas, especially the corner of the eye and forehead, will be selected for additional screening, which can help to reduce and slow the spread of the virus. For more applications, the system can support API docking, allowing app developers or OEMs to quickly add face biometrics and other related data into any app for mobile, desktop, or other device applications.

Highlighted Product Specifications

  • Dual Optical 2M Cameras for facial recognition
  • 32×32 IR Thermal imaging sensor 
  • 8” IPS LCD display 
  • Fast Octa-core Cortex A72/A53 CPU for data processing
  • Auto-detect Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) with 0.5°C error range, 
  • temperature detecting speed less than 1s, distance: 0.5-1m 
  • Auto identify non-human heat sources 
  • Support face recognition
  • 30, 000 face-matching library, 1: 1 recognition rate >98.3%, 1: N recognition rate>96.7
  • Operational with or without face masks
  • Optional RFID reader or fingerprint reader for additional security check
  • Real-time alerts of high temperature to security personnel 
  • Real-time alerts if not wearing a face mask
  • Configurable API for software/APP development 

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