Estone Technology Shows Off the Latest In Golf Cart GPS Systems at 2017 PGA Merchandise Show

Orlando, FL – Estone Tech, a manufacturer of embeded computer solution for various vertical industries, just wrapped up several days demonstrating the latest in Golf Cart GPS and Catering System. The PGA Merchandise Show, running January 24th to the 27th, is an annual opportunity for Golf Professionals, Golf Course Owners, and Golf Equipment Manufacturers to see the latest offerings in golf technology and amenities ranging from golf balls to bar equipment.

Habey USA worked with one of the top names in golf cart manufacture to develop their new computerized Golf GPS and Catering System. The system is ideal for any golf club wishing to provide their golfing members with an incredible golf cart experience. It is equipped with a bright, clear LCD display available in 7” and 10” that can be installed in a variety of golf carts.

“EStone has designed many different out door computing devices for boats, RV, ATVs and digital signage”, said Mr. Bing Li, president of Estone Tech. “We thought it made sense to bring our expertise in tough computers to golf course , too.”

This GPS and catering system is essentially a powerful computer system running Android 6.0 OS. Users will find the touchscreen in their golf carts very helpful as they navigate the course, with the ability to zoom in on a location and find their distance to hole, the length of their shots, and plan their approach around unseen obstacles. The system also allows users to order food and drinks available on the course, and request additional equipment or help from the clubhouse attendant.

Many current golf cart GPS systems are built from consumer tablet PC and wrapped with a bulky “weathered” chassis. They are not designed well to work under sunlight or extremely hot weather. Estone’s solution is specifically designed for golf courses in all weather and climates. The features of the new rugged touchscreen computer include a water & dirt proof construction; heat resistant design that will function in full sun and work soundly in excess of 100 degrees; a bright LCD display that can be read and used in full sun; and an adaptable Google Android operating system 6.0 packing the latest mobile technologies. Course maps will provide the most vivid and engaging graphics, and a course catering menu can be quickly brought up by a simple finger touch. Estone’s solution also includes the CAN bus adapter which can monitor the golf cart engine and other in-vehicle devices and alert the clubhouse in case of trouble.

Estone Tech also designs and manufactures computer products for the IT industry, Healthcare, Field Service Industries, Retail, and anywhere else computers need to be effective, powerful, and tough enough to stand up to the job. Learn more about the company’s specialized solutions at